Emineo is Latin for project, being eminent, being remarkable and being noticed. Whether you are a start up entrepreneur or an established business, EmineoHub (pronounced Em-en-eeo) can help you get your product or service to market smarter and faster.

We have an amazing business growth strategy that will skyrocket your business. Project Renegade is our unique 7 step project management framework, tailored and suited for the special conditions of your business. You are 7 STEPS away from establishing a successful business. We teach you how to:

  1. Be clear on your business goals and needs
  2. Understand what works in the present, envision the future and be clear on what needs to be achieved;
  3. Identify who will be working with you, what their interests are in your business and how to communicate clearly with them;
  4. Map out specific timelines of what you will do;
  5. How to juggle your cash flow to ensure you can meet your business goals;
  6. Create a powerful risk management plan that provides a quick recovery tool;
  7. Wrap this all up in to an actionable and effective plan

We designed our framework to deliver unique, short training courses and coaching that support you in realising your business goals in an affordable manner. We get that costs can be an issue for Entrepreneurs so we offer training courses and coaching packages that follow a cost-effective principle.

If you prefer a more personalised approach, hop over to our Coaching page and book in for a FREE NO OBLIGATION 20 minute Project Renegade call!

There has never been a better time in history to launch a new business or a new direction of an existing business. The digital age encourages a platform of successful business. Plus, you have us! We are educated, informed and tech savvy.  There are no boundaries for your business. Our customers are everywhere and it’s an exciting time to tap in to this new way of doing business.

Our purpose at EmineoHub is to support you getting your best work out to the world!

With the rise of technology and demands on our busy lives, it can be hard to focus in bringing a new product or service to market. Whether you are a start up or established entrepreneur, time is a valuable and precious resource. So many people have brilliant and wonderful ideas that never see the light of day, as they couldn’t get their product or service to the market at the perfect timing. Worse there are others that beat them to it as they took a targeted and structured approach, and are now living the dream. They scaled up and the others went nowhere. It’s time to live that dream yourself!

The team at EmineoHub is made of expert project managers with extensive and multi-disciplinary training. We have worked with global corporations that own and operate their own assets, global contractors, small businesses and start up entrepreneurs. Our team  commits to your success as ultimately your success is a part reflection on us.