2 Hour 7 Steps to Market Smarter & Faster

This intensive two-hour workshop is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to launch with a bang or be better at what they are doing.

If you are struggling to understand the requirements with getting your app/product/service to market smarter and faster, or just want to be more efficient, then this workshop is for you. You’ll leave with actionable tasks to take your business to the next level, just like big business does.

You will learn the benefits of applying project management within your business and how to apply seven crucial steps used within project management to benefit your business. The seven steps you will learn are as follows:

Define the project

  1. Understand the project
  2. Who will make the project happen
  3. Being clear on project timelines
  4. Being clear on project costs
  5. How to avoid failure getting the app/product/service to market
  6. Wrapping the project up in to a brief

The key learning outcomes of the seven steps are:

  • Actualising a business need or goal by using project management
  • Understand the needs of the people interested in your app/product/service
  • Being clear on exactly what it is you need to do, by when and the costs associated with it
  • Understand project deliverables and how to measure performance progress against them
  • Basic time scheduling concepts to get to market on time
  • Basic budgeting and cashflow concepts against business cashflow
  • Basic risk management concepts to avoid failure to market
  • Importance of the project management plan and measuring performance against it