Kickstarter Package

For the Entrepreneurial genius that wants to be smart at getting to market, this package will get things going quickly.

Entrepreneurial Kickstarter Package

This is a one month package. We will kick off with a two-hour online strategy session and discuss your vision for your business. Together we will be clear on your goals, and drill down into what is working for you and what your challenges are.

We will identify what needs to be done to overcome your challenges with project management. This will be followed up two one hour sessions over the course of the month to implement your strategy.

Be warned, you will have work to do between sessions but you want your monies worth right? By the end of your Kickstarter package you will have:

  • A project management plan that supports you meeting your vision and goals
  • A timeline so you know what to do and when to maximize your efficiency
  • A budget so you know what you are spending and when to make that dollar go as far as possible
  • An understanding of what can go wrong in realizing your vision and goals to navigate your way through any issues that arise

In addition, you’ll receive a project management pack with all the templates to get you going.

It is important to note that I will be coaching you through this and not be consulting to you (eg doing the work). The volume, pace of the work and results are ultimately up to you.

The investment in this package is $650 + GST.
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