Professional Training

Empower yourself and your team to realise your business goals with our Project Management training.

Our practical and hands-on training teaches your team the following:

  • Project management concepts 
  • Business case preparation to sell a project
  • Project charter and stakeholder acceptance
  • The scope of work to deliver your project including a Work Breakdown Structure
  • The importance of time management with a Gantt Chart and applying resources such as people, equipment and materials
  • Simple cost estimating and cash flow analysis to support the delivery of the project with ‘red flags’
  • Practical risk management techniques to identify events that could hinder project delivery with mitigation strategies
  • Stakeholder management with communication and engagement strategies
  • The importance of a project management plan and how to create one
Our training packages are:
  • Project Management 101 (Corporate)
  • Project Management 101 (Tradespeople)
  • Schedule Management 101 (Tradespeople)
  • Project Management 101 Workshop (Two hours)
Learn more about our project management training here or contact us on 1300 87 02 79.