Stabiliser Package

This three-month package is for the small business owner that is seeing solid growth in their business. With growth, comes the need to stabilise your business.

SME Stabiliser Package

Create a solid foundation for you and your team to operate within the day to day operations. Put systems in place to create a healthy work/life balance for you and your team and give them the opportunity to contribute to your business. Embed a routine so you and your employees know what is expected of each other.

Putting systems into place is best done as a project. The reason for this is that you want a beginning and end date to stabilise your business. Otherwise, it’s a constant state of change that leads to stress and unfortunately can result in low staff morale or resignations.
This package is over three months. We will start with a two-hour strategy session and take a good, solid exploration of what is working for you and what isn’t. We will then prioritise what to work on. Before the session, you will receive a questionnaire so I’m prepared with ideas to see if they resonate with you.
In the first month we will put together:
  • A project management plan that clarifies exactly what you need to do to put systems in place. This is your action plan
  • A timeline of achieving this and who will be working on what
  • A budget that identifies any extra expenses such as software costs or engaging temporary staff
  • A risk management plan to identify what can go wrong, the likelihood of it occurring and what the consequences will be. We will do an online risk management session.

In the second month, we will check in with each other twice a month for an hour each time. This is to implement your project within your business and work through any issues that arise. We will discuss how to:

  • Communicate the change to staff
  • Get staff engagement in your project with their ‘buy-in’ so you have their full support
  • Put in to place Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) using the SMART* methodology
  • Map this out and make sure it’s clear to you and your team as every business different

*Smart, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Time-driven

During the third month, we will check in with each other twice a month for an hour each time to see how your project is performing. We will discuss:

  • How your team are engaging with the project and what needs to change
  • How you are progressing with your timelines, KPI’s and what adjustments need to be made to keep your project on track
  • How your budget is going and make any adjustments to costs
  • Check in with your risk management plan to see if any of your risks are going to eventuate and how they can be reduced in occurring

By this stage, you should be on your way but if you would like monthly coaching sessions to keep the momentum going then we can certainly organise this.

Besides the above, you will receive:
  • A project pack of all the templates you and your team need so you can get going
  • Software subscription to set up, implement and monitor your project and we will work from this. During the package, if you need any assistance I can have a look at your project and see what’s happening.
  • A one-hour emergency coaching session that you can use at any time during the three months if you get stuck with anything.

It is important to note that I will be coaching you through this and not be consulting to you (eg doing the work). The volume, pace of the work and results are ultimately up to you.

The investment of this package is $3000 + GST payable upfront.

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