We offer practical and hands-on project management training.

These courses are all designed by Sarah who has a low threshold to boredom. She designed the courses to be educational, interactive and fun. No one likes to be sitting bored all day!

Our training is practical project management theory with individual and group exercises. Our packages support all learning styles and educational levels. We can also create training packages specific to your project needs.

We are based in Perth but offer training around Australia and New Zealand.

Check out the training we offer. You will be directed to our lead pages designed to encourage participants to consider our training:

  • Project Management 101 Masterclass (Corporate). This package is for mid-level managers delivering projects. Perfect for your team if they are struggling to deliver their projects on time and within budget. Your team will leave with an awareness of project management and practical knowledge to immediately improve project delivery. We can deliver this training as an intensive two-day learning experience in-house or over a period of time depending on your location.
  • Project Management 101 Masterclass (Site Managers). Based on the corporate masterclass, this course can be customised to Site Managers and tailored to focus on improving project weaknesses within your site management team. Improve project delivery and support your project team in the head office. To support effective learning and application by participants this course is best delivered over a period of time.
  • Project Management 101 Masterclass (Tradespeople). Designed for tradespeople delivering decent sized projects in a competitive market. If you are an organisation that supports tradespeople within industry then offer this package to your members. To support effective learning and application by participants this course is best delivered over a period of time.
  • Schedule Management 101 Masterclass. This masterclass is practical and hands-on that teaches the concept of schedule management. Regardless of industry or job role schedule management is an essential skill to deliver any project. Participants bring a current project to the class to develop a baseline Gantt Chart using scheduling techniques. Participants will also learn how to apply people, equipment and materials to deliver the project as effectively as possible. This masterclass can be delivered as an intensive one day workshop in-house or over a period of weeks. If you are an established business or an organisation that supports business, this course is a great offering to members.
  • Project Management 101 Workshop. This two-hour workshop discusses project management and encourages participants to consider its benefits. Perfect for any business networking groups, organisations or associations. This isn’t a boring seminar, rather participants take part in short, sharp group exercises. Everyone leaves the workshop having learnt something practical to put in place the next day. This workshop is also a great side workshop for a one-day event. As an opt-in incentive, we will offer our Project Management Guide for free.

Here are some testimonials from our clients.

“When it comes to Project Management, Sarah is a wealth of knowledge. Sarah taught a Masterclass at Collective Hub HQ and we’re already adopting some of the strategies and tips she shared on approaching project management and getting a product/campaign to market.”

Ashleigh, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Collective Hub Magazine 

“Group interaction was great and energy level was high. Good overview of Project Management and the workshop gave me a good starting point for future projects.” 

Adam – PM101 Workshop Participant – Oct 2017

“Sarah answered all my questions and was very helpful. Really liked the workbook. I gained a clear understanding of project management, especially planning my project.”

Sandra – PM101 Workshop Participant – Sept 2017 

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